Hilma Dorothy Miles RIP
1961 - 2007
Hilma's website is at: http://www.bbm.me.uk/HomePage/ and at: http://www.portsdown.org/asp/ecology/ec_species.asp?life=siibg

Hilma on the High Pass of Bhutan
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> Dear Mr. George,
> Thank you very much for your touching email. I am very sorry and with 
> immense sadness about this incident and I have never ever though about it. 
> But we believed in Buddhist saying that it our destiny " "Once born there is 
> always a death' every living being will follow a same way.
> I have handed over her Camera and so to Mr. Steve who will bring it back to 
> UK with him. Yes as you said we could have used a local porter but it is 
> beyond people to carry the body down from High Himalayas which it is with 
> high passes from 4800 meters - 4200 meters with terrain and rocks that why 
> we have no choice rather then to use foreign helicopter since Bhutan don't 
> have one.
> Yes, it was terrible time for me and I was not able to eat for weeks and 
> today onward I am trying eat meal and trying get back to normal.
> Mr. Steve will leave Bhutan on 20th Oct and hopefully he will be there after 
> few days at Kolkata.
> Please convey our condolence to her.
> Best regards
> Daza Jigme
> Founder
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> P.O.Box: 732, Thimphu ,Kingdom of Bhutan, South Asia 
> Website:   www.tourbhutantravel.com

Molesworth Minor sa:
She woz wun of de furst gurls at Pompey Gramer Skool!
Hilma Dorothy Miles RIP
1961 - 2007

Hilma's funeral will be at 3pm on Friday 9th November 2007 at Portchester Crematorium Upper Cornaway La Fareham, PO16 8NE 01329 822533 www.portchestercrematorium.org/

Afterwards there will be a Wake in the Churchillian up on Portsdown Hill

Hilma on the High Pass of Bhutan
Dear Friends
It is my sad duty to inform you that my sister Hilma
died in her sleep whilst on a walking holiday in Bhutan.

She was two days walk from the nearest phone

George Miles
Hatfield Court


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