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A unique collection of original contemporary folk songs, poems and chants that reflect the new indigenous tribal culture that has rooted and is now spreading throughout Britain today

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Who are we?

A group of Acoustic Musicians and artists bound by a belief in nature and community, with a range of feelings and experiences through our relationship with the earth in common, with its base in the protest movement and the inspiration to revitalise traditional seasonal gatherings. We are seeking to promote environmental awareness, sustainable lifestyles with a DIY approach, an expanding self-sufficient family / community taking collective responsibility on the frontiers of something new, a multicultural, living tradition, not bound by mainstream views with a common sense of dress / low cost clothing and common mutual understanding / independent thinking, an organisation that is going to spread our music all over the world and encourage others to do the same.

A bunch of dreamers who believe dreams can become manifest in a world where people realise that we are one with all things.


retracing the roots of our ancestors,
living a simple and nomadic life close to nature.
Many of us travel with horses, donkeys, hand-carts and rickshaws.
We are opposed to the environmental damage and desolation
made by so-called progress and development.
We have come together to record this music at sacred
and traditional sites across the country,
to enact our visions of peace with nature,
communal living and freedom of living.
We live in open communities,
all who come in peace are welcome.


Tribal Voices website is at:


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