Tribal Voices in Britain

WE ARE A PEOPLE retracing the roots of our ancestors, living a simple and nomadic life close to nature. Many of us travel with horses, donkeys, hand-carts and rickshaws. We are opposed to the environmental damage and desolation made by so-called progress and development. We have come together to record this music at sacred and traditional sites across the country, to enact our visions of peace with nature, communal living and freedom of living. We live in open communities, all who come in peace are welcome.
'Tribal Voices' is a collective of acoustic musicians, who want to retain creative autonomy over their work, much of which aims to promote environmental and social issues. We want to reach a wide audience and so we are pursuing bookings for performances at mainstream events as well as organising our own seasonal gatherings. We are recording audio-tapes, producing a film of our work and building an archive of recorded music. We also intend to run workshops and educational projects. We are working towards financial self-sufficiency, and we intend to support and encourage others involved in similar projects.
We are bound by a belief in nature and community, with a range of feelings and experiences in common through our relationship with the earth. Many of us have been inspired by the protest movement and the trend towards revitalising the traditional seasonal gatherings. It is a multicultural, living tradition, not bound by mainstream views. We are a family on the frontiers of something new, a community of mutual understanding taking collective responsibility for the future. We are a bunch of dreamers who believe dreams can become manifest in a world where we are one with all things.
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